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Most effective Serum Set Available in Nepal- SkinCues Trio Serum Set

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Face Serums are regarded as one of the most important skincare that you should enlist in your routine. These serums come with a major skin benefit and are often considered as one of the most rewarding step in your skincare routine. You can even layer multiple serums for additional results, but you need to remain patience and apply your serum twice a day to get the maximum benefits.

Are you curious to know exactly what face serums you should use and where to find them?

There are many serums widely available in Nepal but to find the right serum for your skin that actually work and provide result is very difficult. But do not worry, SkinCues USA has introduces the SkinCues Trio Serum Set for the first time in Nepal, that completes your everyday skincare routine.

SkinCues Trio Serum Set

The SkinCues Trio Serum set is specially formulated to address various skincare concerns at an affordable price. It is designed to be used as a complete package to provide maximum benefits to your skin.

The SkinCues Trio Serum set includes three serums, 30ml each of the following:

  1. Vitamin C Serum infused with collagen, Vitamin E and stem cells

          SkinCues Vitamin C serum is in its stable form and is infused with collagen and stem cells. These stem cells when infused with topical stable form of Vitamin C along with the main ingredient, collagen (foundation of tissue repair), give a powerful pack to stop the premature aging of your skin.

The main reason of using Vitamin C is its main role in the synthesis of collagen. Our skin ages because the production of collagen also slows down with age. Collagen synthesis takes several steps in the body and Vitamin C is required for one of the most important steps.

The benefits of SkinCues Vitamin C Serum with stem cells and collagen are:

  • Repair, restore and brighten your skin by building collagen and reducing inflammation.
  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, dryness, and discoloration.

      SkinCues Vitamin C Serum


  1. Hyaluronic Acid Serum with 24 Karat Gold

         Hyaluronic acid is a powerful skincare ingredient that can help retain moisture. SkinCues Hyaluronic Acid is infused with 24Karat gold flakes that easily penetrate to the deeper layers and provides continuous hydration with anti-inflammatory action from gold.

The benefits of SkinCues Hyaluronic Acid Serum with 24 Karat Gold are:

  •  Deliver deep moisture to treat skin irritation and dryness.
  •  Gold infusion prevents acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.
  •  Provides continuous hydration with anti-inflammatory action from  gold.
  •  Products good for all skin types.

      SkinCues Hyaluronic Acid Serum


  1. Clinical Strength Retinol Serum (2%)

          SkinCues Retinol is a gold-standard ingredient in skin care as it alters the behavior of aged cells and acts in a more youthful manner. It smooths and refines skin's texture, enhances skin radiance, and treats aging signs.

 The benefits of SkinCues Retinol Serum in your daily skincare routine:

  • Reduce wrinkles due to its firming effect, as well as smooth out existing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Brighten dull skin by exfoliating at a cellular level, which results in brighter and smoother new skin.
  • Regulate oily skin and minimize breakouts.
  •  Treat acne and its scars.
  • Fade dark age spots, sunspots, and hyperpigmentation and even out complexion over time.

 SkinCues Retinol Serum


How to use Skin Cues Trio Serum Set?

Apply 3-5 drops to your fingertips and gently pat and massage onto your face, neck and desired areas.

Recommended SkinCare Trio Routine:

Morning Routine: You can apply Hyaluronic Acid serum immediately after washing your face, once you’ve given your Hyaluronic Acid serum a moment or two to absorb into the skin, it’s time to layer on your Vitamin C serum.

After your serums have fully absorbed into your skin, you can use your moisturizer and Sunscreen to start your day.

Evening Routine: Wash your face before bed and apply Retinol. Follow up with your regular moisturizer if you want.

SkinCues Trio Serum Set Routine


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