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Most effective Vitamin C in Nepal - SkinCues, US based Cosmeceutical introduces Vitamin C infused with Stem Cells and Collagen first time in Nepal

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Why do we have skin wrinkles?

Aging of skin is a complex process involving multiple layers. When your skin is damaged with UV or external trauma, the cells on the bottom layer of the skin activates its stem cells which moves in upper layer with proliferation and maturation and gives you a new skin. As you age, these stem cells ages too and reduces its ability to proliferate due to shortened telomere (think of it as a tail of the DNA that guides the cells duplication). When UV damages your skin, it reduces the proliferative ability of these cells even more leading to more premature skin aging and death. Skin wrinkles are the signs of skin aging with the loss of its elasticity and collagen production. 

What is Vitamin C and why do we need it? 

Vitamin C is used during an important step in collagen synthesis. There have been enough studies that shows that Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant drug, and its anti-inflammatory property is widely used in dermatology. Topical use of Vitamin C is widely used to prevent changes associated with photo-aging (skin damage caused by UV sunlight) and used for the treatment of dark skin pigmentation (hyperpigmentation). 

Why is Vitamin C infused with collagen? 

Along with anti-inflammatory effect, one of the main reasons of using Vitamin C is its main role in the synthesis of collagen. Our skin ages because the production of collagen also slows down with age. Collagen synthesis takes several steps in the body and Vitamin C is required for one of the most important steps.

What makes Vitamin serum with collagen and stem cells unique?

Our vitamin C serum is in its stable form and is infused with collagen and stem cells.  Plant stem cells, just like animal stem cells have ability to replenish dead cells and help during tissue injury. Few studies have shown that these stem cells can also promote the similar cells replenishment if harvested using proper technology and delivered at an optimum dose. Unlike animal stem cells, plant cells especially Swiss apple stem cells are able to take the form of cells based on the tissue they are placed. These stem cells when infused with topical stable form of Vitamin C along with the main ingredient, collagen (foundation of tissue repair), gives a powerful pack to stop these premature aging of your skin.

Why is SkinCues Vitamin C unique? 

With robust technology and evidence-based research and scientific study, SkinCues presents our topical Vitamin C infused with apple stem cells and collagen which completes your skincare routine. This power pack will boost your skin quickly as well as prevent premature aging. Above all, our Vitamin C can be used with all skin types and is beneficial to those with acne and other skin conditions as it provides strong anti-inflammatory action. 

Why SkinCues introduced Trio with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol in a set?

Now do you see, with Vitamin C we are preventing premature skin aging, with Hyaluronic acid, you are getting hydration (of course this can’t replenish the water that you need for other body system) and with Retinol serum, you are reversing those skin damages you accumulate on a daily basis. Jade Roller is used to increase the penetration and the effectiveness of these serum along with other added benefits of its own.



What should be my skincare routine with SkinCues Trio (Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol Serum)? 

We recommend you use the Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid in the morning. Apply a drop of each over your face and use the Jade roller to massage (see instruction on proper use of Jade) for 10 - 15 minutes. This can be done when you are just watching TV or checking emails or news. At night, you can use our retinol serum in the same manner either with Jade roller or just with your hand to further help you in skin resurfacing and reverse those aging signs. Use of retinol is recommended at night because of its photosensitive nature. Also, retinol should be used at least for a month to see significant result. Lot of users quit before using more optimal time period. Initially, retinol can peel off your skin and make it worse before making it better. Think of it as it is clearly away your dead old skin first before bringing fresh and healthy younger looking skin. 

Why did SkinCues introduced Jade roller along with Vitamin serum?

There are wide variety of Vitamin C used in dermatology in different concentrations and forms. The biggest challenge with the use of Vitamin C has been that it is unstable and difficult to deliver into the dermis in the optimum dosage. In order to optimize the proper delivery of topic Vitamin C, we recommend using our 100% Brazilian jade roller. Jade roller has been shown to increase the circulation and lymphatic flow, and further promotes the collagen synthesis and most importantly increase the penetration of these topical cosmeceuticals taking them to the right place. You will see the difference within a few days. 

So why wait? Get your first SkinCues Trio Serum Set and 100% Authentic Brazilian Jade Roller Today!


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