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About SkinCues and Products: 
My skin is sensitive and acne prone, can I still benefit from SkinCues serum for?
Absolutely, our serum is made for all skin types. Our hyaluronic acid is infused with 24K gold flakes which has a strong anti-inflammatory product. Retinol and Vitamin C is already anti-inflammatory itself. So, our serum set is tested in all skin types and good to go. In fact, our serum set is also used as an additional treatment for acne and other inflammatory conditions. If our product causes any new skin issues or worsen your current skin conditions, we will gladly give 100 % of your money back.
Does SkinCues serum also works for acne?
Yes, our serum set is useful additional treatment for acne in addition to what you are using. Our hyaluronic acid will boost the hydration while Vitamin C provides anti-inflammatory action. Retinol is already a first line treatment for mild acne in western countries so its consistent use will prevent any new break out as well as reduces the scar formed from the previous acne or other skin condition.


Is SkinCues serums good if you have acne or sensitive skin?

Retinol is first-line treatment for mild acne and it reduces the size of the pores with continuous resurfacing. Added with that, optimum hydration with Hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory properties of gold will keep your acne out of your life. Vitamin C provides additional anti-inflammatory and collagen synthesis to reduce the pore size.


Is SkinCues serums good for scarring and pigmentation?

Our serum set reduces any previous scarring significantly. Consistent use is essential to see the result with a minimum time period of 4 weeks. You will start seeing the result within first 10 days.


Is SkinCues serum good for wrinkles? How?

Absolutely! Our serum set is one of the most powerful pack for reducing and reversing your aging signs. Our vitamin C is unique in a sense that it comes with collagen and stem cells and helps significantly with collagen synthesis. Hyaluronic acid provides continuous hydration with anti-inflammatory action from gold. Retinol is gold standard for skin resurfacing and removing old scars and pores.

What are the benefit of Jade Roller?

Our serum set is already unique with Vitamin C infused with collagen and stem cells, Hyaluronic acid with 24 karat gold and 2% retinol in a stable form. Jade rollers helps improving the lymphatic flow and circulation in your skin. It also stimulates the collagen synthesis while our serum set is continuously providing raw materials. Jade roller most importantly helps these serums to penetrate well and reach it’s target.

Who is behind SkinCues brand and why should we trust?

SkinCues is not just another brand founded by some social media guru. It is founded and operated fully by a US based medical doctor, Dr. KC. Dr. Kailash KC is a family medicine resident with his keen interest in lifestyle medicine and anti-aging. Dr. KC finished his bachelor’s degree in Texas, Medical school in Alabama and is currently finishing his family medicine residency in Pennsylvania. In addition to his medical degree and credential, Dr. KC is also heavily involved in major pharmaceutical company as a scientist and research experience in Genetics and Dermatology. He has worked in collaboration with other major universities in finding cure for Skin Cancers and has published his finding in scientific journals. Dr. KC is also a fitness enthusiast and is heavily interested in evidence based scientifically proven research in skin aging. So, when you are using SkinCues product, you are not just using another brand anti-aging product but the result of years of his study and experience.

What makes SkinCues unique?

SkinCues is not just another brand from a social media influencer but founded and operated by US based medical doctor who have over 10 years of formal schooling and years of pharmaceutical experience and research work in dermatology. SkinCues product are 100% based on evidenced based research and is made exclusively with high end raw material to provide the optimal people experience and is targeted to solve real problems with skin aging in all skin types. We truly value positive customer experience and dedicate all our resources and time in making you happy by giving you the result that you have been seeking at a very reasonable price.

Is your product animal tested?

None of our products are animal tested. These products are the result of high end scientific research from US based medical doctor and his research team.


Shipment and Fulfillment

What currency are the prices do I see in the site?


I just placed an order, when will it ship?
If you ordered your product in Nepal, it will be delivered to you within 2 hours. 

I am not in love with my order, can it be returned? What if there is an issue?
We offer a 100 % money back guarantee if the product is defective or damaged. We give you 30 days to send it back to us for a full refund. You must ship it back at your own expense, once we have received the product we will refund the full amount of your original purchase. Please Include all a name and order number on the returned parcels. 
Please note: If you your package is on the way, you must wait for it to arrive and return it before receiving a refund.

Can I cancel my order?
You are able to cancel your order with no penalty! You must cancel your order before it ships by our fulfillment center. If you are purchasing in Nepal, you can still cancel your order when delivered to you by our delivery personnel. 

I have entered an incorrect address what do I do now?
Please call our customer support line and we will get that taken care of. 

How long does shipping take in Nepal?

Product in stock will be shipped and delivered to you on your door within 2 hours. 

I have a question that wasn't answered, can you please help?

Absolutely! We are here to help you make your home beautiful! Please send us an email to and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. If you need support urgently, you can call our phone line found in contact us section.